Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sometimes life changes the stories you wanted to tell

So five days in I bailed on 31 Days of Stories. Why? Well when the toddler decides to make every. single. bedtime. an epic battle, there is just not much energy left for storytelling. I'm also still striving to improve at living wholly this year and blogging just became another thing keeping me from that for a while.

So I keep plugging along, good days and bad, keeping things afloat here on our little mini homestead. These days it's mostly de-icing waterers and refilling feeders, although there are still some apples and brussels sprouts from the garden that I need to get into the freezer.

We had a totally out of the ordinary day on Thursday, however, when our goat Selah had her kids! Ben was able to get home from work to take care of Ava and I hung out in the barn with Selah as a full time goat midwife for several hours. She ended up having boy/girl twins and the births were textbook: perfect for a first time goat midwife! I've got to say... baby goats are quite possibly one of the cutest things on earth. The only hard part now is making sure not to get too attached to the little boy since he will be for sale next spring. The girl we will keep to raise up to be a milker though, so I've been brainstorming cute names for her!

Mere minutes after birth: left is the boy, right is the girl.

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