Monday, June 4, 2012

My thrift haul today

I'm joining up with the links at SimpleDesign this week to share my thrift finds. I headed out to the thrift store today to find some towels to use as dog beds and hit the jackpot on a couple cool vintage things!

 Hand-crafted wooden pull toy: $2.

Pair of vintage chairs: $20.

I'm so excited about finding a cute wooden pull toy for Ava! I've been watching for one for a while now. The chairs need some serious TLC but with some sanding and a few coats of bright paint they are going to look so awesome! I'm thinking maybe purple, green, or red, but white would be pretty too.


  1. Those chairs are gorgeous! Congrats on your haul!

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely have a post soon on how I spruce them up!

  2. Sooo awesome! Can't wait till we can go treasure hunting together!(: